BABA 853D 3 in 1 SMD Soldering Station Hot Air Gun for Mobile

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BABA 853D 3 in 1 SMD Soldering Station Hot Air Gun for Mobile

1.Iron handle add to iron sleep function: iron handle have 10mins sleep function.and the iron handle heater is imported heater,imported heater soldering ironhandle,the power larger than the common heater iron,  fast temperature compensation, in addition to suitable general  solder de-soldering, also particularly suitable for de-soldering large solder joints, rough blocks, miscellaneous difficult solder joints.

2.Air gun handle add to  °c/°F temperature conversion function ,meet different market need to design the temperature display mode,according to the custom to choose. 

3.This new type add to 5V output USB interface ,it more convenience repair mobile phone,also can use power supply for mobile.

4.all parts is LED digital display ,and the current is 4 digital precise display current value, the current value can precise display mA is very directly perceived through the senses.

5.The goods inside board use double panel SMT technology,the performance more stability and durable.

6.Wiring terminal output use thick material than before,then the output end power will be larger than before.

7.The iron holder is more professional and convenience ,the iron holder include solder tips flux and cleaner tips copper wire ball,more convenience clean tips,it's prolong use life.

8.The machine back side inside have Cooling fan,if the machine long time use of it ,it will help the machine heat radiation, this is good for prolong the machine use life.

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